15 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

1. Choose the right store

Some stores are way more expensive than others. Choose wisely!

2. Stock up during sales

Sales occur all of the time! Make sure you buy items you use frequently to save money in the long run!

3. Find alternatives to pricey items

Some items can be very pricey. It is easy to buckle under and buy it if that is what the recipe specifically calls for. However, with a little research, you can find a good (and cheaper) alternative to these items! Ex. quinoa and rice.

4. Skip prepared foods

Many supermarkets have fruits and vegetables that are already chopped up for your convenience. But they are not a convenient price... RUN!

5. Check unit prices

It is important to check bags, can, and boxes to see how much you are getting for what price. Compare many items!

6. Avoid name brand

One thing that I often advise people that I shop with is to avoid name-brand items as often as possible. Avoiding name-brand items can save you money a dollar at a time! It may not sound like much right now, but these dollars add up to save you hundreds of dollars in the long run!

7. Take advantage of holiday sales

After the holidays are over, stores have sales to get rid of their left over inventory and need it gone fast! Hop on this and buy candy, wrapping paper, and whatever else you may desire!

8. Buy in bulk

It is cheaper to buy items such as batteries, rice, pasta, and beans in bulk!

9. Don't be memorized by the items at the store entrance 

Many stores put "fancy" or appealing items close to the store's entrance in order to get more people to buy them. They may even put a "Sale" sign up to make you believe that you are getting a great deal. One again, RUN!

10. Avoid the seasonal aisle

During the holidays, the price of necessities are greatly bumped up. It is best to wait until the holidays are over to purchase your necessities. Plan ahead!

11. Avoid housewares aisle

It is always a good idea to avoid this aisle because you will always find something you "need" that will make life easier. No you don't.

12. Frozen produce

Fresh produce is better than frozen produce, I will admit. However, prices do not matter if the produce is in season. If the desired produce is out of season, the financially smart thing to do is purchase the frozen produce.

13. Use shopping apps

There are many apps that will give you money back for shopping! Or may provide you with discounts! Some of these apps include, Flipp, ibotta, Checkout 51, and Shopkick.

14. Bring a list and don't venture

It is always tempting, when at the store, to let miscellaneous items "fall" into our cart. However, this can add up very quickly and often does. Taking a list to the store prevents these items from "falling" and keeps money in your pocket!

15. Leave the kids at home if possible

I'm not saying that these little bundles of joy are a nuisance, but they do often find items they just have to have and will do anything in their power to ensure they walk out of the store with the item(s). To alleviate the heartbreak and financial pitfall, leave the kids at home if possible!

If you do any of these 15 things, you should be able to save some extra money at the grocery store every time!

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