49 Summer Activities That Won't Break the Bank

For many, summer is a great time of year. No school, get to see friends, etc. However, as summer progresses, it becomes boring and things to do are very difficult to find.

To help we have come up with a list of 49 summer activities that will not break the bank!

  1. Hide and seek around town.

  2. Water balloon fight, or play water balloon baseball.

  3. Go to a local pool or the lake.

  4. Play Frisbee in the park.

  5. Play disc golf.

  6. Volunteer your time at local shelters and charities.

  7. Draw a picture.

  8. Have a movie marathon with friends.

  9. Day-trip to the beach.

  10. Get a summer job.

  11.  Walk dogs.

  12. Exercise.

  13. Paint.

  14. Fishing.

  15. Reading / Start a book club.

  16. Ice cream shop.

  17. Local museum.

  18. Board games.

  19. Take pictures.

  20. Learn something new.

  21.  Take a tour of surrounding towns/cities.

  22. Play/listen to music.

  23. Visit a pet store.

  24. Apply for scholarships.

  25. Do repairs around the house / repaint.

  26. Clean house.

  27. Have a garage sale.

  28. Visit parks.

  29. Mini golf.

  30. Camping.

  31. Backyard cookouts.

  32. Set up a backyard obstacle course.

  33. Write some poetry.

  34. Scavenger hunt with friends (around house or town).

  35. Create own summer Olympics games.

  36. Play video games.

  37. Start a blog.

  38. Go hiking.

  39. Play tag.

  40. DIY.

  41. Visit friends and family.

  42. Check the community calendar.

  43. Attend a fireworks show.

  44. Write a letter.

  45. Make ice-tray pop-sickles.

  46. Have a stone-skipping competition.

  47. Do sport trick-shots. (Be careful)

  48. Create, or update, a resume.

  49. Invent a new game.

Summer is what you make it out to be. It does not have to be the most expensive time of the year. Just be with friends and family, go outside, be creative, and most importantly, have cheap, and safe, fun!

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