A Millionaire Fable

For those of you that have been with us for a while, you may know the phrase, "It's not how much money you make, it's what you do with it!"

We have been using this phrase from the very beginning and are still firm believers that this is true.

Let me tell you a little story.

Two men, Charlie and Tom, grew up together from the toddler years. They would play ball in the yard, celebrate each other's birthday each year, and went to class together every morning. Both were about equal in grades. If anything, Charlie outperformed Tom on rare occasions, but both were primarily "B" marked students.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just enough to get by.

Time was quickly approaching graduation, and the two would have to part ways. Tom wasn't going to college and Charlie was going to attend the college of his dreams.

Years pass and contact slowly dwindles into nothing. A few more years pass and the two finally meet again.

Tom is wearing his work clothes and Charlie, a suit. Excited, Tom asks Charlie why he has come at this time after years of no contact. Charlie responds by saying, "I have no other friends, and my wife and I are in severe financial trouble and knew that you would listen, and give me advice about my life, as you have done in the past."

Tom said, "Of course, my friend! I am a millionaire. How much money do you need to get you by?" Charlie is surprised by this news. How could this be? I was the one who went to college and am making more money. How is Tom doing better financially? Charlie finally responds, "I did not come here asking for money, simply an old friend to talk to."

The two spoke for a while and were getting ready to say their goodbyes when Tom handed a check to Charlie for the amount of money he needed. "I cannot accept this," said Charlie. "It is my gift to you!" said Tom. "I shall pay you back within one year!" said Charlie. "It is my gift to you, I say again! May you, someday, have money in abundance as to be as generous as I!"

A handshake, and a hug, were exchanged among the two friends, and each agreed to stay in touch. They parted ways until the next time.

Within this story, Tom, an average high school graduate not pursuing a degree becomes a millionaire, whereas, Charlie, a college graduate who has obtained a masters degree is not a millionaire. Charlie, seemingly, has the upper hand. He has a much larger income.

However, this does not matter in the end. Tom still prospered! Why? Tom cared for his money while Charlie used all he had.

Your wealth, and financial prosperity, does not solely depend on how much money you make, but the way you save, give, budget, and invest. It is through correctly applied methods that wealth is built not, simply, by how much money you make.

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