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Over the recent months, I have been introduced to many people who wish to start podcasting! After hearing these things, I developed interest in podcasting as well. About a month and a half ago, Coin Counselor released their very first podcast. I will be the first to admit that many mistakes were made in the production of the podcast, but we have learned and we will grow! When I was researching how to establish a successful podcast, I found it difficult to find explanations that did not ramble on and did find find clear consistent answers. We want you to be become successful! After all, Coin Counselor's mission is "Make financial dreams come true." Please see the list below and I hope this works for you!

To Begin:

Find Your Niche

To whom would you like your podcast to appeal? What topic would you like to discuss? Some examples are:

  • Sports

  • Business

  • Finance

  • News

  • Entertainment

  • Comedy

  • Movies

  • Lifestyle

  • Music

  • Other

Establish a Name

When choosing a name, remember to make it catchy and memorable. Another thing to do is check Google Domains to see if your domain name is available! This is important! It makes your website seem professional. For example, yourname.platform.com is a free name and viewers/listeners WILL notice. It is always better to own yourname.com.

  • Catchy

  • Memorable

  • Website Domain Available

Create a Brand

Create a logo using a professional service like TailorBrands.com or some other professional resource. A good logo is simple, powerful, and easily memorable.

Select platform(s)

A good platform is important! You want to use platforms that make your podcast easily accessible and shareable to your audience! You also want to make sure that the platforms you use are affordable. You CAN use multiple platforms. Here are some platforms we recommend.

Gather Equipment

Many people think that they have to purchase top-notch equipment before they begin their first podcast. If this is something you can afford with cash comfortably, then by all means do this. However, most of cannot afford to purchase expensive equipment right away. It is best to begin with cheap equipment until you can build a brand for yourself and start to monetize your podcast with advertisements. Once you make enough revenue, upgrade your equipment. Another reason to not begin with expensive equipment is simply because you may not enjoy running a podcast and then your equipment will just sit in the closet and be forgotten. Believe me, there are a lot of high-quality, low-price equipment out there just waiting to be used!

Some common equipment include:

Find Guests

Guests are very important! Do NOT underestimate their power! Now, I am not saying that every podcast you host has to include a guest. It is recommended, but not required. Guests should be relevant to the podcast episode's content. For example,if you run a financial podcast, like we do, it is not wise to bring in someone with no financial expertise. Guests have a few different benefits that I would like to bring to your attention.

The first benefit is a guest keeps you engaged and interested in the conversation. Podcasts should be  interesting and informative but, most importantly, conversational. Feed off of each other!

The second benefit is that, when you include a guest, your circles mix. These guests will have their friends, family, etc., tune-in and watch and it will increase your views and make others aware of your podcast.

The third reason is simply, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." By including high-quality guests, this increases you credibility and, ultimately, your listeners.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Do not make the common mistake of paying for promotions right away. Get others to pay you for advertisements first then pay for promotional items. There are many different ways you can advertise for free.

Here are a just four of these ways:

  • Make a Facebook page and post to that page

  • Create flyers and post them in public places (especially in places of your podcast relevance. Ex. A podcast about books should have flyers in the public library.)

  • Word of mouth

  • Use your network

Split Segments

This is simple and powerful. Before your publish your podcast, if it is longer than 40 minutes, split it into segments. Podcasts that are too long are not often listened to due to inconvenience. What I like to say is that make it so that people can listen to part 1 of your podcast on their commute to work, part 2 during lunch, and part 3 on their way home. Segments should be between 15 and 20 minutes! This makes it easy to keep people engaged and easy for them to pick up where they left off. The easier you make things for the public, the more favor they will have for your podcast.

Listen to Podcasts

If you want your podcast to be successful, listen to podcasts that are successful. Take notes on what they do that you enjoy and implement them into your own! However, make sure to throw some originality into your podcast. After you record an episode, listen to it and take notes! What can you do to improve for next time? What are some things that you did well? Keep this up and you will see growth! Incorporate what you like from other podcasts, but be unique!

Give Things Away

People LOVE free items. People work hard for their money and do not like to part with it! Use this to your advantage! Partner with companies and ask for items to be donated! You will be surprised by how many companies are actually willing to participate! Do not be afraid to give something away that belongs to you that is in great shape! These giveaways should be heavily promoted to drive audience members! They should also include a call to action! For example, "In order to qualify, you must...." This is super helpful and can be fun when creative!

If you have any questions about podcasting after reading this article, please comment below an a member of our team will answer your question!

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