Will A College Degree Better Set You Up For Success?

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that said that you don't need a four-year degree to have a meaningful job.

The truth is, we are told from an early age that a college degree is a necessary step to achieving the "American dream." This is NOT always the case.

While I do believe that some professions should require that kind of training (i.e. doctors, nurses, vets, psychologist, etc.), I do not believe that every needs to go to college. To be honest, I believe that many who do, shouldn't.

Many people go to college and get a degree before they are sure of what they want to do. They get a degree because they are "supposed to." This is a waste of time and money. Before you go to college, have an idea of what you would like to achieve. Determine if the pas is absolutely necessary for you to accomplish your goal. The truth is, many people do not think this way.

According to the Washington Post, 73% of college graduates do not have a job directly related to their degree.

Some of you will say that college teaches skills, and creates connections, that go beyond the classroom. I agree. However, are there not other means of acquiring these skills and connections? I'm sure there are. Honestly, the majority of my connections were not made in college and have no relevance to my college experience.

For those that have not been following me for a while, I am a strong advocator for higher education. However, I do not believe it ALWAYS has to come from college. I believe that true "higher education" is what we learn outside of any classroom. The people who are the most successful are those who continue to grow outside of said "classroom." The average successful CEO will read anywhere from 48-60 books every single year because they believe in learning of other people. This includes other people's failures, successes, and ideas and manipulating them to fit their own personal situations.

Aside from college, trades are equally valuable or, in some cases, more-so. Trade schools are a viable option.

For companies that are looking to hire soon, skills are easier taught than character. According to my friend Dee Ann Turner, you should hire character, competency, and chemistry. And this could not be more true. If an employer does not train you in the skills necessary to be successful in your job, leave. A great team member will not be successful in the wrong environment.

If you believe that college is the right path for you, I highly encourage you to take as many classes as you can at a community college. I personally have a four-year college degree and did not attend a community college. But I can tell you that I wish I had.

If you believe that the college path is not your path, that is perfectly okay. If anybody tells you otherwise, reasonably ignore them. I am glad you realize that before jumping in head-first. Trust me when I tell you that it is very possible for a person to have a meaningful and impactful job without a college degree.